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Mainstreet-author-event-My-penguin-year-Lindsay McCrae
Thu 24th Oct 2019

Lindsay McCrae

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Last November, eight million people in Britain were enthralled by the BBC TV documentary, Dynasties, about emperor penguins, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. The media loved it too – Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2 called it “as close to art as television can get”. 

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Mainstreet-author event-Chris Ryan-Black-Ops
Thu 26th Sep 2019

Chris Ryan

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SAS hero, Danny Black is back in action in a brilliant and powerful new thriller that grips from the very first page. A series of gruesome killings in Dubai, Ghana and Florida have left three former SAS soldiers dead. Once soldiers leave the Regiment they frequently work freelance, often in threatening environments, so at first it is not thought that the killings are linked. But as one of the dead, Ollie Moorhouse, was a good friend of Danny’s, he begins to wonder if there is a connection.

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Mainstreet-author event-Jessie Burton
Tue 24th Sep 2019

Jessie Burton

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We were very proud to host Jessie Burton at the beginning of her incredible publishing journey with The Miniaturist back in 2014, so it is with great pleasure that we welcome her back to Mainstreet on Tues 24th Septto tell us all about her brilliant new novel, The Confession.

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