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Hemsley + Hemsley, The Art Of Eating Well
by Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley

The Hemsley sisters Jasmine and Melissa, are seriously ‘In Vogue’ – but really though. As contributing editors for Vogue and The Guardian, these girls have their fingers on the pulse of the super cool, superfood industry. This beautifully bright inspiring book is full of delicious recipes that happen to be gluten, grain and refined sugar free. Best of all they work hard to dispel the myth that fat makes you fat, quite the contrary, ‘low fat’ food full of emulsifiers and sweeteners are the real enemy. The Hemsley sisters encourage the use of animal fats and butter – natural ingredients that our bodies were built to digest and gain nutrition from. “For the past 60 years, we’ve been discriminating against all kinds of saturated fats, natural or not,” says Melissa. “The whole time we should have been discriminating against processed and hydrogenated fats.” The book is brimming with inspiring recipes which offer a modern take on ‘back-to-nature’ eating. Try the insanely good recipe for BBB (that’s Black Bean Brownies) and the girls secret weapon vitamin, mineral, collagen and keratin boosting ‘Bone Broth‘. You will be adding coconut oil and chia seeds to shopping basket before you know it.

“Melissa and I realised that despite loving to cook and eating ‘healthily’, we were still suffering from everyday ailments such as acid reflux, painful bloating, IBS, eczema and being constantly exhausted from the stress of our jobs,” explained Jasmine, also a model. “We started to research and read everything we could get our hands on, but we couldn’t find just one ethos that we could live by. After many months of using ourselves as guinea pigs we finally found a way to eat that made us feel vibrant, strong and healthy.” – Jasmine Hemsley

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Check out the girls making ‘courgetti’ at the brilliant Riverford Farm in Devon:

Hemsley + Hemsley is available to buy here at Mainstreet, that is if we haven’t bought all the copies for ourselves! It would make a great alternative Easter gift for those not of the chocolate persuasion.. (or to have as well as chocolate, –  more likely surely?)

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