To Autumn…

 Crab Apple, Golden Spire Apple, Rosehips, Haw and Rowan Berry

After a long and hazy summer, the season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness’ is finally upon us – great news for the Kitchen team at Mainstreet! This week has seen vinegar vapours, sugary spoons and many a jar filled with jewel coloured relishes. And we’ve been foraging for treasures at home too, Vivian and Phillippa braved the thorns to gather all kinds of hedgerow goodies. Vivian made delicate Rosehip Syrup – (brilliant for adding to cakes and puddings) as well as super delicious Sloe Gin (despite limited berries on the Sloe bushes this year). And Phillippa gathered windfall Crab Apples, Rosehips, Haws and Rowan Berries to make Hedgerow Jelly – (great with cheese!)
Stop by our DELI & HOME shop to find everything you need to get started from jars and funnels, to spices and vinegar. Plus here’s a list of our top 3 books to help you on your way to perfect preserves…

River Cottage Handbook No. 2 Preserves by Pam Corbin £14.99 hardback

This little book from River cottage legend Pam ‘The Jam’ Corbin, is a bit of a Bible at Mainstreet. Many of the scrumptious preserves that adorn our cafe menu come from here, along with all kinds of useful tips and tricks to mastering a really good ‘setting point’!

Making wines, Liqueurs & Cordials by Beshlie Grimes £12.99 paperback

Perfect for fans of kitchen alchemy, this book is full of clever variations on classic wines, lemonades and syrups. It would also prove useful all year round, putting good use to all the summer Elderflowers. And the wintry recipe for Sloe and Cider liqueur ticks all the right boxes!

Salt, Sugar, Smoke by Diana Henry £25.00 hardback

Diana Henry is real unsung hero, her recipes are always inspiring and reassuringly achievable. Salt Sugar Smoke is not only a completely beautiful book, but a globally influenced collection of ideas for preserving everything from meat to cheese to fruits.

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