Afternoon Tea with Salley Vickers

Please join us for a real treat on Saturday 3rd June – afternoon tea with a master in the art of fiction, Salley Vickers. We are huge fans of her most recent novel, Cousins, and this event is to celebrate the publication of the paperback edition.

Salley Vickers is one of those writers who somehow manages to put into words that which many of us feel. Perhaps it’s her background as a psychologist that lends her this acute ear for pinning words on a page.

Set in Northumerland and London, her most recent novel, Cousins, is a gripping story of family history, survivor’s guilt and motherhood. Brilliant and mercurial Will Tye suffers a life changing accident. The terrible event ripples through three generations of the complex and eccentric Tye family, bringing to light old tragedies and dangerous secrets.

‘She brings a scalpel-sharp but compassionate scrutiny to her characters minds and motivations. Thoughtful, measured but also a celebration of loyalty and sacrifice’ – Observer


Author event

Sat 3rd Jun 2017
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