Audiobook in a Card!

Blog · Posted June 27, 2024

The brand new way to listen to books.

At Mainstreet, we have long been huge fans of audiobooks, but with the gradual demise of CDs it has been tricky to actually present our customers with an alternative way to buy audio books in a physical form.  So, we are delighted to introduce you to Spiracle, an elegant new audiobook in a card, perfect for gifting. 

Spiracle is a new British start-up audiobook venture. Their core mission is to partner with small, independent publishers to create a carefully selected collection of literary fiction and non-fiction. 

We are starting with a wide range of titles, and Spiracle will launch a new audiobook once a month. 

How it works: 

Step 1:

You purchase a card that has the audiobook of your choice on it. 

Step 2:

Inside the card is a QR code (and a written web address) that will take you to the correct webpage for the audiobook.

Step 3:  

You will be asked for a redemption code, which we will provide when purchasing the card. 

Step 4:

Pop the code into the website and you will have your audiobook! It will prompt you to make an account so that you can listen and save the book to your library (there is no charge to have an account).

Step 5: 

Begin listening! You can listen on the web player or you can download the Spiracle app. 

Visit the shop to discover these cards for yourself and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask one of our booksellers!