Cookbook of the Moment (Winter)

Blog · Posted November 16, 2023

Our current Cookbook of the Moment is ‘Repertoire’ by Alice Hart

Our cookbook of the moment is a way to bring our departments together and showcase some of our best products. By using a cookbook from our bookshop and ingredients from our deli, our café & kitchen team bring it all together to make delicious lunches and cakes for our customers. 

Our new cookbook of the moment is a stunning celebration of vegetables and all that they can create in the kitchen. Originally catching our eye because of its stunning cover, Repertoire is just as aesthetic and appetising on the inside. 

With recipes that provide options for fully vegetarian or vegan meals, it can also be great inspiration for dishing up some delicious sides with your Sunday roast. Although there are mouth watering suppers, Hart has also created a section for brunch/lunch, which she deems are ‘moveable feasts’ to be had at any time of the day. Our kitchen team has their eyes on the kerala-style aubergine and tomato curry, the roast harissa roots and the spiced pears to add to some of our baking. 

Like with our previous cookbook of the moment, One: Pot, Pan, Planet, this book fits with our approach to cooking by using vegetables as the base of our dishes and always using the best seasonal ingredients. Our café always makes sure that we have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals on our menu, with the belief that everyone should have more than one option to choose from when treating themselves to a trip out for food.

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