Blog · Posted February 4, 2022

Douglas Stuart had his Borders homecoming by visiting Mainstreet!

We were incredibly excited to announce that Booker Prize winning author, Douglas Stuart,would be joining us on Mon 18th April to discuss his new novel, Young Mungo.

Douglas took the literary world by storm with his debut, Shuggie Bain. He made us laugh and broke our hearts, saving many a lockdown. So, brace yourself, for Young Mungo

Protestant Mungo and Catholic James live in the hyper-masculine and violently sectarian world of Glasgow’s housing estates in the early 1990s. They should be sworn enemies but instead find themselves falling in love, and dream of escaping the grey city.

Mungo works hard to hide his true self from all those around him, especially his elder brother Hamish, a local gang leader with a brutal reputation to uphold.

‘Few novels are as gutsy and gut-wrenching as Young Mungo… Vividly realised and emotionally intense, this scorching novel is an urgent addition to the new canon of unsung stories.’ – Bernardine Evaristo

‘Some novels can be admired, others enjoyed. But it is a rare thing to find a story so engrossing, bittersweet and beautiful that you do not so much read it, as experience it. Stuart is a masterful storyteller.’ – Kiran Millwood Hargrave

‘Prepare your hearts, for Douglas Stuart is back… Another beautiful and moving book’ – Observer