Kate Humble

Blog · Posted October 13, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Kate Humble back to mainstreet to talk about her new book ‘Where The Hearth Is’

An event with Kate Humble is always a joy, but last night might just be our favourite one. Her subject – the nature of home, in all its variety – both universal and deeply personal, clearly resonated with a very engaged, warm audience.

Kate was with us on Thurs 12th October to discuss the notion of ‘home’ in her new book, Where the Hearth Is.

What is it about a place that evokes a sense of connection and rootedness that eludes us elsewhere? Through a series of illuminating conversations, Kate Humble pieces together the rich and deeply personal stories of people who shared their own experiences and searches for home.

These conversations, that transport the reader from homebuilt cabins and woodland hideaways, historic mansions and remote islands, war torn cities and even outer space, help Kate unpick her own journey.

“Home: the word we use to refer to the place where we live. A simple, no-nonsense, everyone-knows-what-it-means sort of word. But contemplate it for a moment or two and it’s not quite as straightforward as it seems…It is something more nebulous and intangible. It’s not simply a structure with a door and a bed in it. It’s more than that. Something infinitely more precious and hard-won.” – Kate Humble

Haste ye back Kate!

You can buy a copy of Where The Hearth Is HERE

This event was held in the barn and can only be accessed by stairs. Please read our accessibility policy on the website for more information.