SAS hero, Danny Black is back in action in a brilliant and powerful new thriller that grips from the very first page. A series of gruesome killings in Dubai, Ghana and Florida have left three former SAS soldiers dead. Once soldiers leave the Regiment they frequently work freelance, often in threatening environments, so at first it is not thought that the killings are linked. But as one of the dead, Ollie Moorhouse, was a good friend of Danny’s, he begins to wonder if there is a connection.

Danny knows that it isn’t easy to kill an SAS man. If you want to kill a Regiment guy, you need to think like a Regiment guy. He remembers that during their time with the Regiment all three men were involved in training a young Muslim soldier, Ibrahim Khan…

Chris Ryan is a former SAS corporal and was the only man to escape death or capture during the Bravo Two Zero operation in the 1991 Gulf War. Chris Ryan turned to writing thrillers to tell the stories that the Official Secrets Act stops him putting into his non-fiction. His novels have inspired the Sky One series Strike Back.

Chris Ryan will be with us at Mainstreet on Thurs 26thSept to tell us all about his new book, Black Ops

EVENT DATE: September 2019