Impossible Creatures!

Blog · Posted September 14, 2023

Katherine Rundell’s latest book should be read by everyone!

We have long been fans of Katherine Rundell at Mainstreet and are very excited because today her latest children’s book Impossible Creatures is released! To mark the occassion Jack, our resident artist, has climbed into our windows and created a magnificent display.

Katherine is a huge supporter of children’s books being read by everyone. She wrote in July of 2023 “I do know, with more certainty than I usually feel about anything…[children’s fiction] is not exclusively for children.” Her latest book makes this easy to argue and should absolutely be read by children and adults alike.

Sarah read and adored Rundell’s latest work, and is now putting into the hands of anyone who is willing to try it.

Sarah’s review:

When Christopher visits his grandfather in the Scottish Highlands, he accidentally discovers a portal to the land Archipelago. A land full of mythical creatures, extraordinary characters and an adventure he could never have dreamed of. Upon his discovery he also meets Mal, a girl with a griffin, a coat that can make her fly and a man trying to kill her. Mal seeks Christopher’s help to find out why the magic that sustains her homeland and its ecosystems is fading. Thus, a quest across islands and sea begins. 

This novel reminds us that although there is sorrow in this world, there is also indescribable joy that can outweigh its counterpart ten times over. Full of imagination, wonder and what it means to be human, Rundell has written a book that I have no doubt will be read by generations to come. 

Buy a copy of Impossible Creatures HERE