Blog · Posted June 24, 2022

Jessie Burton came back to Mainstreet to talk all things House of Fortune!

For all those who fell in love with 17th Century Amsterdam in The Miniaturist, we have big news…. Jessie Burton has written a sequel and she came to Mainstreet to tell us all about The House of Fortune on Tuesday 23rd August 2022.

It is a story of fate and ambition, secrets and dreams, and one young woman’s determination to rule her own destiny. Thea Brandt is turning eighteen, ready to welcome adulthood with open arms.

At the theatre, Walter, the love of her life, awaits her, but at home in the house on the Herengracht, winter has set in – her father Otto and Aunt Nella argue endlessly, and the Brandt family are selling their furniture in order to eat. On Thea’s birthday, also the day that her mother Marin died, the secrets from the past begin to overwhelm the present.

‘A more than worthy sequel to The Miniaturist. Elegant, atmospheric, compelling. I absolutely loved it.’ –Marian Keyes
‘Burton is a master storyteller, with an uncanny knack for scene-setting and atmosphere. I felt I could see, smell, live and breathe every page.’ –Elizabeth Day

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