Mouse Mansion

Mouse Mansion
Welcome to Mouse Mansion…  Over the past few weeks, Shaun and Phillippa have been secretly building a mansion in our HOME department. It has finally made its way into our windows, and the new inhabitants of Main Street St Boswells have a home!


Inspired by our current favourite picture book, ‘Mouse Mansion with Sam and Julia by Karina Schaapman, our version is designed around the little Maileg Mice that we sell in our bookshop.

Dutch author and artist Karina Schaapman spent years building and furnishing the Mouse Mansion in which her collection of stories takes place. Each room depicted in this incredibly detailed book is inspired by stories from the artists childhood. The elaborate house is 6 feet wide, almost 10 feet tall and made from cardboard boxes and papier-mâché. Karina’s mansion contains more than one hundred rooms to explore – our version may be a little smaller, but we like to think of it as more of a Scottish Tenement…
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Unpacking the Steenbergs delivery – before inspiration struck!

Our Mouse Mansion began with the unpacking of Spices! Whenever we get a delivery from our organic Spice supplier Steenbergs, we are left with endless little cardboard boxes that we can’t bare to throw away. Several towers later, the idea for Mouse Mansion came to life!

Little Matchbox Mice from Maileg
Master of cardboard construction Shaun set to work with hot glue in hand, while Phillippa designed the interiors and did the painting. You will find that every light works in Mouse Mansion, smoke twirls from the towering chimney and the balcony makes a perfect spot for sunbathing.

See if you can spot; the gramophone, skateboard, portrait of cheese,
babies nursery with crib &  mobile, chaise longue and grandfather clock…
Ghost mouse in the attic, and teenager mouse on his skateboard
Shaun simply had to put a Landrover in the garage…
Baguettes in a basket going up on the pulley, baby mouse about to go for a walk
The extension – dormer window for peeking out,
Strong mouse reclines on his sun lounger, under a daisy umbrella
And at night, when the bookshop doors close…
Mouse Mansion by night