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Blog · Posted September 18, 2023

Ocelot Chocolate is back in the Deli!

A little while ago we stocked a chocolate company that excelled at bold and creative packaging while being uncompromising on the taste of what was inside. This company was Ocelot and we are very pleased to say that they are back on our shelves!

10 years ago Ocelot Chocolate was founded by Ish and Matt Broadbent at their kitchen table in Edinburgh. Fast forward to 2023 and they have partnered with Original Beans, becoming sister companies. It has allowed them to bring us a new range of flavours and designs. Still based in Edinburgh, Ocelot works at their micro factory with a focus of creating flavour-forward and sustainable chocolate.

Black Cherry Chocolate with a cup of coffee

In their early years, Ocelot visited one of our Christmas Shopping nights to provide our customers with some excellent samples. Although the flavours have changed, their chocolate is just as good as it was then.  In 2022 they joined forces with Original Beans. This ensures that all of their cocoa beans come from farmers who are treated fairly and respect the land where they are grown.  Their 70% dark chocolate (Black Cherry, Sea Salt, & Blood Orange) originates from beans in Virunga National park – Africa’s oldest nature reserve, and home of the last Mountain Gorillas. The farmers not only ensure their crops are nurtured but the land around them is as well, by actively working to protect the gorillas and the habitat.

Buckwheat, White Almond & Blood Orange Chocolate

Ocelot’s range features a 50% dark milk chocolate, named Femme. This name honours the women in Eastern Congo who farm the rare Amelonado beans used to make it. These women formed the world’s first female cocoa cooperative and use it to protect and support themselves, their children and the habitat that surrounds them. To read more about the Femme bar and the women who inspired it, click here.

Femme Chocolate

Ocelot made a commitment to craft food and chocolate. They care about trying to make the world a better place. Not only is this reflected in their sourcing but in their packaging. It is gorgeous to look at, as well as plastic free and compostable. We think that for all of these reasons, Ocelot is a great company to support.

Tried and tested by our team, we know that the smooth and rich chocolate goes incredibly well with a coffee. Perfect as a little snack to keep going back to when you need a little help to get through the day. Or paired with a book, it makes a great gift!

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