Please join us on 16th June to hear from an author who is taking the New York bestseller charts by storm, Erin French. Her memoir, Finding Freedom in the Lost Kitchen, is a remarkable story of hard graft, survival and renewal, with a love of food and place at its heart.


“A master chef and owner of the destination restaurant The Lost Kitchen, in Freedom, Maine, French overcame addiction and gruelling hardship on her way to success. Her memoir tells all.” –The New York Times

Erin French grew up barefoot on a 25-acre farm in Maine, fell in love with food as a teenager working the line at her dad’s diner, and found her calling as a professional chef at her tiny restaurant tucked into a 19th century mill.

With grit, honesty and humour, Erin tells her story of stumbles and victories, darkness and anxiety, survival as a jobless single mother, pills that promised release but delivered addiction and a toxic marriage that ripped her son from her.

Slowly, despite seemingly impossible odds, she rebuilt her family and culinary life around the solace she found in food – as a source of comfort and hope, and a path to finding her community and place in the world.

If you, like us, loved Educated by Tara Westover, this is the book for you.

EVENT DATE: Wednesday 16th June
EVENT TIME: 6:30-7:30pm
TICKETS: £6 (ticket only) / £20 (incl. hardback of Finding Freedom in the Lost Kitchen)
TO BOOK: purchase your ticket online here or phone us on 01835 824087