Blog · Posted August 18, 2022

Robert Harris visited St Boswells to talk about his new novel Act of Oblivion.

‘From what is it they flee?’ He took a while to reply. By the time he spoke the men had gone inside.
He said quietly, ‘They killed the King.’ 1660.

The legend of historical ficiton, Robert Harris joined us at St Boswells Village Hall on Fri 7th October. Harris talked about his utterly gripping new novel, Act of Oblivion.

Colonel Edward Whalley and his son-in-law, Colonel William Goffe, cross the Atlantic. They are on the run and wanted for the murder of Charles I. Under the provisions of the Act of Oblivion, they have been found guilty in absentia of high treason. In London, Richard Nayler, secretary of the regicide committee of the Privy Council, is tasked with tracking down the fugitives. He’ll stop at nothing until the two men are brought to justice. A reward hangs over their heads – for their capture, dead or alive.

“The master of the intelligent thriller”Daily Telegraph

“I have been waiting for most of my life for Robert Harris to write a novel that is not gripping, insightful and entertaining. I am waiting still” – Ben Macintyre, The Times

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