Robert J Harris

Robert J Harris

One of our bestselling books last year was The Thirty-One Kings by Robert J Harris which Allan Massie described as ‘A loving tribute to Buchan…. and thoroughly good fun.’  So, we are delighted to announce that Harris will be with us at Mainstreet on Thurs 8th Nov to talk about his next ‘Richard Hannay’ novel, Castle Macnab, a sequel to John Macnab.

At the end of John Buchan’s classic adventure John Macnab, three friends in search of excitement have just completed an epic feat of poaching. Now their celebrations are unexpectedly interrupted by the appearance of their old comrade Richard Hannay.

His arrival marks the beginning of a new and even more hazardous challenge. A foreign dignitary has been abducted while on a secret visit to Scotland and his life hangs in the balance. It is up to Hannay and the Macnabs to rescue him before Europe in plunged into a new and ruinous war.

Praise for The Thirty-One Kings:

‘This fast-moving tale will delight Buchan fans. … Gripping and fun; it will encourage devotees to return to Buchan and newcomers to seek him out’ – Country Life