Summer Wine Selection

Blog · Posted June 25, 2024

Bill has made a list of his go-to summer wines on our Deli shelves at the moment.

Summer is here and that means that you will need some wines to match the season! Whether it is for park picnics, beach days, family BBQ’s, or a relaxing evening by yourself, Bill has brought together a selection of his top picks for every holiday moment.  

So that everyone has the specifics, the layout of information is as follows [Bottle, year (Country) – Grape | Vineyard (extra information) – Price]

When you think of summer wine, you think light and refreshing. You want to transport yourself via your glasses to your favourite destinations, perhaps in Italy, Spain or France. That is where a bottle of rosé will always hit the spot…. 

rose wine in the sunshine

1890 Rosado, 2023 (Spain) – Garnacha, Tempranillo | Finca Manzanos (Vg) | £13

On the border between Navarra and Rioja, Victor Manzanos can be found carrying on the work of four generations before him to create this renewed style of wine. Summer berries sing on your palate for a fun but serious enough rosé that has a balanced taste and long finish. If you don’t trust us, it won Decanter’s Pedro Ballesteros Torres ‘Something New’ Award, with 94 points and particular praise for its quality of a classic oak aged Rioja style. 

Rosapasso, 2023 (Italy) – Pinot Nero | Biscardo (Vg) | £13

The Pinot Nero vineyards grow in a volcanic area so are full of rich minerals and clay. This lends itself to the grapes having unique characteristics that set them apart from worldwide Pinot Nero production.The result is the Rosapasso having a smooth and enticing palate with strawberry and cherry flavours. This bottle is the perfect aperitif to drink alongside a punnet of Scottish strawberries while Wimbledon is on in the background. 

Refreshing white wine for warm summer days

Skin contact wines are having their moment, garnering the attention of wine connoisseurs and TikTokers alike, and are some of the most enthralling and unique bottles to discover in the world of natural wine. A bottle like the Terre Magre L’Altro allows you to satisfy the craving for something a bit lighter but gives you a glass with more weight and complexity behind it. 

Terre Magre L’Altro, 2022 (Italy) – Pinot Grigio | Piera 1899 | £16

Picking this bottle off the shelf gives you something different as it sits somewhere between a rosé and an orange wine. Its golden pink colour comes from its long contact with grape skins and creates an appealing and surprising Pinot Grigio. Its aromatic profile has notes of clementine peel and asian pear, while the palate has a crunchy orchard fruit freshness. It finishes on a subtle, spicy note.

A glass of chilled white wine is usually a crowd-pleaser for those summer gatherings.With more delicate tasting notes they refresh the palate and pair well with seafood and salads. 

Le Paradou Rolle, 2021 (France) – Vermentino | Chateau Pequie | £13.50

The Vermentino vineyards lie only a few kilometres away from the coast, enjoying the salty breeze from the Mediterranean and producing a wine that is refreshing and simple. La Paradou Rolle is medium bodied and floral with bright acidity, ending with a lingering backbone of grassiness. A great value bottle that will transport you to the south of France. Bill recommends you pair it with a young goat’s cheese. 

The Courtesan Riesling, 2022 (Australia) – Riesling | Wild and Wilder (Vg) | £12

Wild and Wilder develop wines of exceptional quality but admit to not taking it too seriously. They make their wines ‘with a lot of love’ and know that wine is about ‘good times, tasty food and creating great memories’…all the ingredients for a lovely summer. The Courtesan Riesling is a modern style riesling for those who like the trill of vibrant fruits with racing acidity. Citrus flavours meet the slick oily aromatics in this classic Clare Valley dry wine.

organic summer wine

Field Blend White, 2022 (Spain) – Many varietals | Te Queiro (Organic, Vg, lightweight bottle) | £9

A lot of Spain’s vineyards are now devoted to commercial grape varieties that we all know (and love) but there are smaller plots that still grow older, native varieties. Due to the small volume of these grapes, the multi varieties get vinified together to craft wines such as this aromatic and dry Field Blend. This wine has a good body and acidity, allowing it to easily be drunk by itself or is equally as brilliant with food. This is highly sustainable wine production at its best.  

Red Field Blend, 2021 (Spain) – Many varietals | Te Queiro (Organic, Vg, lightweight bottle) | £9

Te Queiro have also created a bottle of red with their small plots of bush vines. Fermented together, the multiple varieties of grapes blend to produce a wine with flavours of hedgerow fruits and round tannins. The Red Field Blend remains authentic while managing to also be food and wallet friendly. A traditional style wine fit for 21st century drinking. Perfect to have with tapas or snack-like appetisers such as tortilla chips. 

Red wine for summer BBQ's

u…Passimiento, 2022 (Italy) – Nero D’Avola | Baglio Gibellina (Organic, Vg) | £13 

Bill could not make a summer wine list without including this Italian gem. The u…Passimiento is so good and is our Deli’s bestseller of all time. Full bodied and fruity, it is a true Sicilian at heart! The grapes from the ancient Sicilian agriculture are harvested to mature into a wine with immense charm and appeal. You cannot go wrong with this bottle of red. 

Valpolicella, 2023 (Italy) – Corvina, Corvinone | ILatium Morini (Organic, Vg) | £13.50

Since 2004, when they decided to keep the best grapes from their vineyard for themselves, the seven brothers and cousins involved in ILatium Morini have received a stream of accolades for their wine. Valpolicella’s warmth of plumb fruit and the elegant tannins will warm the cockles on long summer nights. Cherries, soft red fruits and spice combine harmoniously to go well with meat and pasta dishes, making this a no-brainer to pull out at your next BBQ.  

Mont Rocher Malbec, 2022 (France) – Malbec | Terre Fideles  (Vg, lightweight bottle) | £10.50

From the wilds of southern France, and the original home of Malbec, this is a plummy and well rounded red wine. Over the last two decades Terres Fideles have worked with friends and growers to create wines that have an intrinsic respect for the land that they are all a part of. The land inspires the wine and has formed this perfectly balanced, rich but not too heavy, Malbec. A good bottle to go with BBQ meats as well as charcuterie and cheeses. 

Franc de Bel Red Wine- enjoy on a summers evening while getting some time to yourself.

Franc de Bel, N/V (France) – Cabernet Franc | Olivier Cazenave  (Organic, Vg) | £23

Olivier Cazenave is breaking the mould with winemaking in Bordeaux and this is a perfect example of why. Vinified using a (sherry) solera method, this wine is full bodied and generous with complex flavours of smoke, spice, sweet liquorice and dark fruits. A special wine and magnificent treat. It will make you want to relax (maybe even with a good book) and savour every sip of it. 

Finally, we have Bill’s choice of sparkling wine. You always need a bottle of bubbly on hand for those moments of celebration or, if you are of the same opinion as us, for anytime you want that little bit of everyday indulgence. 

sparkling summer wine

Prosecco Millesimato Spumante, 2022 (Italy) – Glera | Biscardo  (Vg) | £14

The Biscardo family (the same vineyard as the lovely Rosapasso rosé above) have been making wine for over 150 years. Their bottles of Prosecco Millesimato Spumante are versatile and food friendly. Full of flavours of green apples and hints of pastry, it is dry, complex and grown up. In this bottle you will find good value in every drop. 

You can find all of these bottle in our Deli.  If you are not local and would like any of the products highlighted in our blogs, please contact us. We can try to arrange to ship them to you. Please note: You must be over 18 to purchase alcohol and we ship to the UK only.