The Wasabi Company

Blog · Posted February 5, 2024

Our current Featured Supplier brings award-winning Japanese ingredients to the Borders.

Bill discovered the Wasabi Company in a magazine on the train to London. Instantly, he knew the Deli needed to source some of their products for our shelves. 

The Wasabi Company is a family run business, with farms in Hampshire and Dorset. They were the first in Europe to successfully cultivate Wasabi and are the UK’s only growers. Originally their farms grew watercress and their sites had been growing this since the 1850’s. However, in 2012 they made the switch to wasabi and have not looked back since. They now have their own range of award-winning condiments, drinks and seasonings to help you make Japanese dishes at home, as well supplying all kinds of wasabi products to top chefs around the continent. 

Japanese cuisine is often deemed to be one of the healthiest options in the world because it focuses on fresh and natural ingredients. We have a lot of foodies on our team who have a soft spot for these Asian dishes and they have loved getting this company’s products added to our shelves. The Wasabi Company’s products let you have an authentic Japanese meals in the comfort of your own home. 

However, do not just take our word for it! The Wasabi Label has won 28 Gold Stars across fourteen products they entered in the Great Taste Awards every year since 2019. Seven of the products were awarded the coveted 3 Gold Stars. 

Our particular favourite is their Togarashi Shichimi Spice mix. It has a warm heat that builds gradually and has layers of flavours. The mix of seven Japanese spices is a traditional spice blend first created in 1625 and is excellent when sprinkled into soups, plain rice, udon noodles, fish & meat tartares.

As well as creating products that allow you to taste the flavours of Japanese cuisine as they were originally intended, the Wasabi Company strives to be sustainable. They use 100% recyclable material for their packaging, which we think looks great. Their products are good to look at and good to eat…what more can you ask for? 

If you are not local and would like any of the products highlighted in our Featured Supplier blogs, please contact us. We can try to arrange to ship them to you. Please note: We ship to the UK only.

You can find Japanese cuisine recipes and more information over at The Wasabi Company website. Click HERE.