Opened by Tom Kitchin in 2012, the Deli is an eclectic haven for foodies and serves as the larder for our kitchen. Our mission is to showcase the best independent food producers, creating a broad range with a particular focus on wine (Bill is obsessed with natural wines), cheese, charcuterie, cider and coffee. In short, everything you need for a day at the river.


We have freshly-baked bread delivered by a range of artisan local bakers, Tuesday to Saturday. Our suppliers are:

Tuesday: Twelve Triangles, Melrose (ciabatta, house, & white)

Wednesday: Crom Bread, Coldstream  (focaccia, seeded, white & fruit and walnut loaves)

Thursday: The Breadmaker, Coldstream (arkady, spelt, multigrain, wholegrain & ancient grain on rotation, plus butteries)

Friday: Twelve Triangles, Melrose (ciabatta, house, white & miche, plus a selection of pastries)

Saturday: Crom Bread, Coldstream (focaccia, seeded, white & fruit and walnut loaves)


Back in 2021 we brought a little bit of Mexico to the Scottish Borders when we started stocking Cool Chile Co. products in our Deli. Since then, we have kept reordering and exploring their range.

Founded in 1993 by Dodie Miller, the company began as a little market stall on Portobello Road selling dried Mexican chillies. The idea was simple, they wanted to import a wide variety of the best dried chillies and share a whole new range of flavours for authentic Mexican cooking in the UK. 30 years later and it is clear to see that they have succeeded, becoming one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Mexican food in the country.

 As a company they ensure unparalleled quality and sustainability.

Read more about Cool Chile Company over on our blog.

The most beautiful bookshop (with the best cheese!)

James Crawford, Author

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