Diana Henry

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Join us on Thurs 5th April to hear award winning, much loved food writer, Diana Henry, in conversation with Stuart Kelly.

“The idea for How To Eat a Peach came to me years ago… At a restaurant in Italy, the diners at the next table didn’t have a fancy dessert,they just had a bowl of peaches and a bottle of cold Moscato. Everyone sliced their peach and dropped it into the wine. After a while they drank the wine – now imbued with the flavour of the peach – and ate the peach slices, which now tasted of the wine. This was not a complicated dish, but it was a lovely way to end a meal – seasonal, straightforward, caring, even a little magical – and it illustrated an approach to food and cooking that I already understood but hadn’t yet articulated. I’ve never forgotten this. More than a memory, those peaches became a symbol of what good food is all about.” – Diana Henry

How To Eat a Peach is not only a cookbook of wonderful recipes all in Diana’s straightforward and approachable style, it is also a collection of memories and stories that transport you from the kitchen to San Francisco and beyond.

“This is an extraordinary piece of food writing, pitch perfect in every way. I couldn’t love anyone who didn’t love this book” – Nigella Lawson

Author event

Thu 5th Apr 2018
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