Emma Bridgewater

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“No one understands pattern and design quite like Emma does. This gem of a book celebrates not just her beautiful designs but also the vision that channelled her craft into a global business. She is a remarkable woman and a national treasure.” Kirstie Allsopp

Sweet peas or morning glory twining round a mug; a gaggle of hens or a greyhound chasing a rabbit around a plate edge; Emma’s design inspirations come from everyday life, and Pattern looks at her biggest influences.

Exploring diverse memories; from the children’s bookshelf filled with Maurice Sendak and Beatrix Potter to family holidays on the North Norfolk coast or among the Scottish Isles, Emma shares the inspirational process of design that has taken her patterns into homes across the land.

Including over twenty family recipes and a complete list of every Bridgewater design since 1984, Pattern is a visual and story-filled celebration of this uniquely British brand.

Author event

Wed 16th Mar 2016
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