John Simpson

In conversation with Edinburgh Book Festival director, Nick Barley

Please join us on Saturday 26th November to celebrate Civilised Saturday with one of the world’s most respected journalists, BBC’s World Affairs editor,

He will be talking about his new book, We Chose to Speak of War and Strife, a fascinating history of what it is to risk life and limb to bring home news of the troubled world beyond our shores.

In corners of the globe where fault-lines erupt into bloodshed and civil war, foreign correspondents have, since the early nineteenth century, been engaged in uncovering the latest news and – despite obstacles bureaucratic, political, violent – reporting it by whatever means available.

Simpson examines the pivotal moments in our history – from the Crimean War to Vietnam and Sarajevo – through the eyes of those who witnessed them, and the astonishing tales of what it took to report them. Weaving the history of the greats who went before him, such as Alan Moorhead, Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway and Charles Wheeler, with extraordinary accounts from his own lifetime on the frontlines, this is also a deeply personal book from a master of the profession.

Author event

Sat 26th Nov 2016
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