Cabinet of Calm: Soothing Words for Troubled Times by Paul Anthony Jones



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Sometimes we all need a little reminder that it’s going to be okay…

Open The Cabinet of Calm to discover a comforting word that’s equal to your troubles.; The Cabinet of Calm has been designed to be picked up whenever you need a moment of serenity. Just select the emotion listed that reflects whatever you’re feeling and you’ll be offered a matching linguistic remedy: fifty-one soothing words for troubled times.; From ‘melorism’ to ‘stound’, ‘carpe noctem’ to ‘opsimathy’, these kind words – alongside their definitions and their stories – will bring peace, comfort and delight, and provide fresh hope.; Written with a lightness of touch, The Cabinet of Calm shows us that we’re not alone.

Like language, our emotions are universal: someone else has felt like this before and so there’s a word to help, whatever the challenge.; So much more than a book of words, The Cabinet of Calm will soothe your soul and ease your mind. It’s the perfect gift.

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