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Would you like to come on a journey with us? 

Recent events have prompted us to examine our knowledge, our understanding of the world, and the books on our shelves, and we’ve come to the conclusion that we can do better. 

We’re book people. When we’re seeking guidance, information and insight, we turn to books. Based on the conversations we’ve been having with our community this week, we know that we’re not alone. We want to read more widely, to amplify diverse voices and support inclusive publishing. 

If you would like to join us on this journey, we would love for you to come along. 

Over the course of six months, we will send you three fiction and three non-fiction books that have moved, enlightened or challenged us. 

We acknowledge that being able to educate ourselves about racism, rather than experiencing it, is a privilege. This is where we want to start, but it’s not where we’re going to stop. 

10% of each subscription purchase will be donated to Intercultural Youth Scotland who work to broaden horizons and offer direct, specialist support and vital pathways for Scottish intercultural young people who face barriers to success.

Price includes UK postage.

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