Greyfriars Bobby: A Puppy’s Tale by Michelle Sloan



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The heart-warming tale of Greyfriars Bobby, the loyal Skye terrier, is well-known and loved throughout Scotland and the world. Bobby the lively wee puppy who lives in Edinburgh, has many friends — local policeman John Gray, the children at Heriot’s School and an orphaned boy called Sandy — but he still longs for a home of his own. One day, Bobby and Sandy catch a pickpocket and as a reward Sandy is given a new home, but the loyal pup can’t go with him. Then Bobby remembers John Gray, the kindly constable… This timeless tale of friendship, loyalty and finding a home is perfect for young dog lovers and visitors to Scotland. Historically detailed illustrations from Elena Bia bring life to a gripping story from author Michelle Sloan. Readers both young and old will be moved by the story of how Bobby became the world’s most famous dog.

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