Skandar and the Skeletal Curse (SIGNED INDIE EXCLUSIVE)

Sarah Brooks


As Skandar and his friends begin their fourth year at the Eyrie, the Island’s unicorns are struck by a terrible curse that threatens to change everything. Between a Commodore determined to eliminate the spirit element for good, and a sister hellbent on revenge, nowhere is safe for Skandar. As more and more unicorns are affected by the curse, the clock is ticking for Skandar and his quartet, who find themselves literally racing for their lives.

Can they stop the curse in its tracks before the Island is lost for ever? Get ready for unlikely heroes, elemental magic, sky battles, ancient secrets and ferocious unicorns in this highly anticipated adventure that will keep you reading after lights out!

PLEASE NOTE: This title will be shipped as close as possible to publication day (10th October 2024) and is limited to one per order. | Format: Hardback

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