The Analog Sea Review: Number Three


Analog Sea are a small publisher we are delighted to champion. They have bravely decided not to make any of their titles available online, but to sell only through independent bookshops*. The production of their books is exquisite. They need to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated – so go ahead and order your copy. You won’t regret it.

*We have been given special permission to sell their titles online for a limited time only.

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Some words from the Editor…

“Our work at Analog Sea is a search-and-rescue mission for a special kind of individual, endangered yet essential should we wish to preserve the truth and beauty through another dark age. We seek out and cultivate those for whom the roots of life remain firmly planted in the real world, unfettered by the Internet and its incessant drip of spectactle and noise. We want to inspire artists, writers, and philosophers who maintain our collective ability to dream. A society unable to dream lacks the imagination to know what freedom looks like. Eliminate the dreamers and we fall to easily to fascism and war. How desperately we need the strength to dream and the artists and thinkers who show us how.”

This collection features writing from Jonathan Simons, Virginia Woolf, Susan Sontag, Robert Macfarlane, Anne Fadiman, and many more.

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