The Analog Sea Review Number Two


Analog Sea are a small publisher we are delighted to champion. They have bravely decided not to make any of their titles available online, but to sell only through independent bookshops*. The production of their books is exquisite. They need to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated – so go ahead and order your copy. You won’t regret it.

*We have been given special permission to sell their titles online for a limited time only.

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Some words from the Editor…

“The new technologies, reaching now into every part of our lives, capturing so much of our attention, flooding our retinas with artificial light, are making us passive. We’re forgetting what sets us apart from animals and algorithms, what makes us more than half human.

True curiosity springs from deeper within us than shopping. It wants more than information and entertainment. Fleeing solitude does not enliven our creative faculties any more than an itch guided the brushstrokes of Michelangelo…”

This collection features writing from Oliver Sacks, Nina Simone, Yuval Noah Harari and many more. With a theme of rediscovering our humanity, this is a perfect collection for these trying times.

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