The Ultimate Pamper Pack


We’ve put this pack together so you can gift a box of luxury to someone who needs an extra bit of love sent their way (or you could treat yourself!).

The pack includes;

  • A 285g bottle of Nathalie Bond Bath Salts
  • A Nathalie Bond scented candle
  • A box of deluxe matches (to light your candle)
  • A jar of MOA Green Balm
  • A luxurious 100% face clot


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A little bit more info…

Nathalie Bond creates beautiful, 100% natural skincare products. This natural scrub will wake your skin up without drying it out, leaving it feeling soft and happy.

Nathalie Bond scented candles add an extra touch of luxury to any self care session.

The MOA Green Balm is designed to soothe, heal and repair. We love MOA products!

This pack will be wrapped and packed in sunny tissue paper and our signature brown paper and coloured twine, and can be sent anywhere in the UK.


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