The Sober Diaries

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Join us at Mainstreet on 31st January to meet a woman who managed to give up drink and keep her sense of humour, oh, and beat cancer and lose two stone at the same time.

The Sober Diaries is a brave, honest and at times hilarious account of how one woman gave up drinking and started living. It could change your life for the better.

After partying hard through university – this was the era of the “ladette” and Bridget Jones – Clare Pooley went into advertising where she found herself part of another drink-fuelled culture. She embraced it and was highly successful, but, when she gave up work to concentrate on being a mother, she continued to drink – at least a bottle of wine a day – to escape boredom and tiredness.

In March 2015 Clare finally realised she had a problem. She quit drinking and started a blog called Mummy was a Secret Drinker under the pseudonym ‘Sober Mummy’. Within a year the blog hit over a million page views. When Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer members rallied around her; a giant, internet-enabled karmic circle.

Today Clare is booze-and cancer-free, two stone lighter, more energetic, more positive and a lot more fun for her family to live with.

Author event

Wed 31st Jan 2018
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