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Many of you may be familiar with Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall, published to huge acclaim a few years ago…

“Quite simply, one of the best books about geopolitics you could imagine: reading it is like having a light shone on your understanding… Marshall is clear-headed, lucid and possessed of an almost uncanny ability to make the broad picture accessible and coherent … the book is, in a way which astonished me, given the complexities of the subject, unputdownable… I can’t think of another book that explains the world situation so well.” NICHOLAS LEZARD, Evening Standard.

Tim Marshall will be joining us to talk about his new book, Divided: Why we are Living in an Age of Walls, on Thurs 3rd May.

Informed by 30 years commenting on world affairs, Tim Marshall’s illuminating explanations of global politics made Prisoners of Geography an international bestseller. In Divided he brings that wealth of experience and insight to explain what has divided us, past and present, showing how it informs much of what is going on in the world today.

Nationalism and identity politics are on the rise once more. Thousands of miles of fences and barriers have been erected since the turn of the century, redefining our political landscape. In Europe the divisions of the past decade threaten not only European unity, but in some countries liberal democracy itself. In China, the Party’s need to contain the divisions wrought by capitalism will define the nation’s future. In the USA the rationale for the Mexican border wall taps into the fear that the USA will no longer be a white majority country.

Tim Marshall is a leading authority on foreign affairs with more than 30 years of reporting experience. He was diplomatic editor at Sky News, and before that was working for the BBC and LBC/IRN radio. He has reported from 40 countries and covered conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Israel. He is founder and editor of the current affairs site TheWhatandtheWhy.com.


Author event

Thu 3rd May 2018
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