Blog · Posted April 24, 2024

Illustrator of Wilding by Isabella Tree joined us to share her creative process.

Wilding by Isabella Tree has long been a favourite at Mainstreet, so we were very excited to find out that a stunning new edition was being published this March, illustrated in full colour with lino prints and watercolour by another Mainstreet favourite, Angela Harding.

Angela’s art is perfectly suited to the environs of the Knepp Estate, home to some of the rarest and most beautiful creatures in the UK, including nightingales, kingfishers, turtle doves and peregrine falcons, hazel dormice and harvest mice, scarce chaser dragonflies and purple emperor butterflies.

On Wednesday 24th March, we held an event to hear Angela discuss the creative process in bringing to life the amazing story of Knepp Estate. It was a very special evening. Angela was so generous to allow her beautiful prints be passed around the room and poured over by all of us. She also shared very sage advise about making a living as an artist and putting value on your work.

We now have signed copies of Wilding in the shop and you can pre-order her new book Still Water & Wild Waves (published 26th September 2024) HERE.