Flora Soames

Blog · Posted November 30, 2023

Flora Soames discussed interior design and the impact of her family in her style.

We were delighted to announce that Flora Soames would be with us at Mainstreet on Thurs 30th November, discussing her beautiful book, The One Day Box, with her aunt, Emma Soames.

Informed by her background in art and furniture, Flora’s style exudes the traditional charm of the British country house while incorporating modern, original touches that are comfortable and design-led. Inspired by the concept of a One Day Box – a place, real or imaginary, where we store fragments of our past that spark a feeling of connection – she presents her reflections on the concept of home, and explores the sentiments evoked by certain objects during seminal moments in her life.

Flora Soames set up her design business in 2009 and launched a range of fabrics and wallpapers a decade later. One of House & Garden’s Top 100, her discerning eye and instinct for channeling both old and new has been formed through a lifetime love of collecting. She lives and works in Dorset, England. The Great Granddaughter of Winston Churchill, she sits on the council of the Churchill Fellowship.

Getting the perfect balance of family history and expert interior design insight, this event was a joy to be a part of.

You can buy a copy of The One Day Box HERE

This event was held in the barn and can only be accessed by stairs. Please read our accessibility policy on the website for more information.