New Books: June

Blog · Posted May 28, 2024

Here are our top picks of the brand new titles published this month.

Our booksellers have brought together the brand new titles they are most excited to see arrive on our shelves in June. To see paperback titles click here. 


The Heart in Winter by Kevin Barry | 6th June | £16.99 

October, 1891. Butte, Montana. Here we find Tom Rourke, a young poet and balladmaker, but also a drinker and a fearsome degenerate. Just as he feels his life is heading nowhere fast, Polly Gillespie arrives in town. Tom and Polly strike out west on a stolen horse. But a posse of deranged Cornish gunsmen are soon in hot pursuit of the lovers, and closing in fast . . .

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The Cautious Traveller’s Guide to the Wastelands by Sarah Brooks| 20th June | £16.99

Nothing touches the Wastelands except the Great Trans-Siberian Express: an impenetrable train built to carry cargo across continents, but which now transports anyone who dares. As secrets and stories begin to unravel, the passengers and crew must survive their journey together, even as something uncontrollable seems to be breaking in…

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The King’s Witches by Kater Forster | 6th June | £16.99 

The King’s Witches by Kate Foster is a compelling and beautiful historical novel that gives voices to the women at the heart of the real-life witch trials in sixteenth-century Scotland. Women whisper secrets to each other; it is how we survive.

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The Burial Plot by Elizabeth Macneal | 6th June | £18.99

London, 1839. With the cemeteries full and money to be made in death, tricksters Crawford and Bonnie survive on wicked schemes and ill-gotten coin. But one blistering evening, their fortunes flip. A man lies in a pool of blood at Bonnie’s feet and now she needs to disappear.

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The Green Coookbook by Rukmini Iyer | 6th June | £25

Rukmini Iyer changed the way we eat when she started the Roasting Tin revolution. Constantly thinking about new ways to deliver fantastic flavour with minimal effort, and breaking out from the tin, The Green Cookbook shares her indispensable tips and recipes for time-pressed home cooks.

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The Accidental Garden by Richard Mabey| 6th June  | £12.99

We regard gardens as our personal dominions, where we can create whatever worlds we desire. But they are also occupied by myriads of other organisms, all with their own lives to lead. The conflict between these two power bases, Richard Mabey suggests, is a microcosm of what is happening in the larger world.

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Vertigo by Harald Jahner, trans. Shaun Whiteside | 20th June | £25

Out of the ashes of the First World War, Germany launches an unprecedented political project: its first democratic government. The years that follow see political extremism, economic upheaval, revolutionary violence and the transformation of Germany. Vertigo is a vital, kaleidoscopic portrait of a pivotal moment in German history.

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Broken Threads by Mishal Husain | 6th June | £18.99

An extraordinary family memoir from acclaimed newsreader and journalist, Mishal Husain, uncovering the story of her grandparents’ lives amidst empire, political upheaval and partition.

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These are just some of the exciting new releases for this month. To keep up to date with more recommendations and new releases, keep an eye on our socials, or join our newsletter.