Blog · Posted April 21, 2023

On Friday 21st April, Roger Morgan-Grenville visited us to talk about his new book ‘Across a Waking Land’

 Aged 62, Roger Morgan-Grenville set out on a 1000-mile walk from the Solent to Cape Wrath following the spring as it progressed northwards. He sought to investigate why we should care about species loss in the UK – from curlews in the New Forest to restoring sea grass near Edinburgh, from the allotments of Sheffield to the Peat bogs of Kielder, from regenerative farming in the Cotswolds to the reintroduction of beavers near Inverness.
With surprising conclusions throughout, what unfolds is both life-affirming and life-changing.

Praise for Roger Morgan-Grenville’s books:


‘This delightful memoir is an inspiring account of changing direction in mid-life, and a passionate plea on behalf of the honeybee’
– Daily Mail

‘A light-hearted account of midlife, a yearning for adventure, the plight of bees, the quest for “liquid gold” and, above all, friendship’
– Sunday Telegraph


‘Shearwater is sheer delight, a luminous portrait of a magical seabird which spans the watery globe’
– Daily Mail